SRA-SBF Partnership under SBF RISE Programme

SRA is one of the participating trade associations and chambers (TACs) under the Singapore Business Federation's (SBF) Rising in Support of Enterprises (RISE) Programme. RISE is the first fund under the Government's SG Together Enhancing Enterpise Resilience (STEER) programme to offer additional business growth and capability upgrading activities on topics such as digital transformation, corporate sustainability, crisis leadership and post COVID-19 growth. The courses offer by SRA are qualified under "Capability Upgrading".

The SBF RISE Programme will run from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021, or until the fund is exhausted. Under the SBF RISE Programme, a $2.5 million fund has been established by SBF. SBF members with a paid-up capital not exceeding $5 million may apply for a one-time support of up to $500, which can help to offset the costs of the following qualifying courses:

WSQ Courses (Click here for all WSQ modules details)
Develop Quality Service for Retail Operations
Support Retail Business with Marketing Campaigns
Manage Customer Relationships for Retention and Loyalty
Promote Customer Centric Culture for Quality Service
Effective Management of Visual Merchandising Presentation
Manage Service Operations for Service Excellence
Manage Marketing Mix for Retail Growth
Improve Productivity Performance for Retail Operations


Digital Marketing Workshops
Social Media Marketing - Creating Contents for New Leads
Strategic Digital Marketing for the Retail Sector

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