Partnership with Upskill People Asia

In September 2018, Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) shared our new vision and mission statement: “To be the respected and collective voice of the retail industry and advance its interests via insights, education and strategic collaboration.” SRA is proud to be working with Upskill People Asiatowards this mission as their exclusive e-learning partner.


The retail industry has recognised that it is time to introduce more effective and innovative methods of training. Therefore, SRA and Upskill People have partnered with Benjamin Barker and Wing Tai Retail to conduct a pilot of their Managing People series.


Before the pilot, the main training challenges raised by Joel Tan, HR and Operations Manager at Benjamin Barker, were time and flexibility. The difficulty of finding time for staff to attend training and the logistical challenges of re-organising operations around these commitments.


Wing Tai Retail and Benjamin Barker now have access to the Upskill People Learning Management Platform and to four of the seven Managing People episodes.


Hear what they have to say about their online learning experience:


The Results – Wing Tai Retail

Wing Tai Retail’s managers have similar views, and the feedback was very positive with a 98.6% positivity rating.

100% of the store managers agreed or strongly agreed:

  • They enjoyed learning in this way
  • They learned knowledge and skills they could use from the course
  • The course was easy to use
  • They would like to do more courses like this

The purpose of e-learning is not to replace face-to-face training, which is important for business and personal growth, it is about finding an effective blended learning strategy to achieve the greatest benefits for the staff and business.


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