SRA COVID-19 Updates - Easing of Tighter Circuit Breaker Measures

With the significant decrease in community transmission cases over the pass month, The Government will ease some of the tighter circuit breaker measures progressively over the coming weeks, and also to prepare for the safe and gradual resumption of economic and community activities after the end of the circuit breaker period on 1 June 2020. 
SRA urges all retailers to play our part to break the transmission of COVID-19. Do take this time to diversify your sales channels and upskill your workers by taking advantage of our various webinars/training sessions lined up next month. Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for more details on such complimentary sessions for SRA Members. 
Stay safe and healthy ! 
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SRA Secretariat
[Updated] Safe Distancing Measures for Retail Establishments
With effect from 12 May, the following retail activities can resume on-site operations, with added safe distancing measures in place:
a. Hairdressers and barbers for basic haircut services only.
b. Retail laundry services.
c. Retail of pet food and supplies.
Refer to Annex 1 for the updated types of retail establishments that can operate, and Annex 2 for safe distancing measures that hairdressing salons and barber shops must adhere to.
Continued suspension of non-essential retail activities, except online retail
Operations of other non-essential retail services will remain suspended. Online retail and delivery may continue, only if these business comply with the following guidelines:
a. Retail storefronts must not be open to customers. Such establishments must clearly indicate that the store is closed for business.
b. Retail premises may be accessed by staff when necessary to fulfil delivery of online orders.
c. Customers are not allowed to collect merchandise from retail stores. Fulfilment of online orders should be through delivery only (e.g. third party logistics providers, SingPost, POPStations).
d. Retail establishments must limit the number of staff within its premises (e.g. warehouses, stores) to the minimum number required for order fulfilment. No other activities should take place within the premises.
e. Collection and delivery are spaced out and contactless.
f. Delivery personnel must observe at least one-metre spacing at all times and do not cluster together.
Retail establishments can refer to the Advisory for Delivery Businesses for guidelines on the delivery requirements.
Gradual Reopening of Work Premises and Economy
1.   The Government plans to phase the reopening of work premises, taking into account their importance to the economy and supply chains, their contribution to local employment, and their ability to minimise risks of transmission at their workplaces.
2.   All companies must put in place safe management practices as an integral part of their operations. This means proactively identifying situations and practices which have higher infection risks, and implementing appropriate precautions and safeguards. For example, companies must:
  a. Continue to allow staff to work from home wherever possible; 
  b. Enforce safe distancing amongst their employees at the workplace; 
  c. Stagger working hours and break times; 
  d. Ensure no cross-deployment of staff across teams or worksites; 
  e. Require every employee to wear a mask at work;
  f. Ensure that there are no gatherings amongst their staff (i.e. staff should not be interacting at staff canteens or going out in groups during lunch breaks). 
Leveraging Technology to Enable Safe Resumption of Activities
To further support contact tracing efforts, SafeEntry must be deployed extensively across Singapore, especially at places with a higher risk of non-transient contact. This includes workplaces, malls and supermarkets.
From 12 May 2020, all businesses and services that are in operation must come on board the SafeEntry system to log the check-in and check-out of employees and visitors.
Contact data collected by SafeEntry is only used by authorised personnel for contact tracing purposes, and stringent measures are in place to safeguard the data in accordance with the Government’s data security standards. 


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