Create a Retail Productivity Champion!

Create a Retail Productivity Champion in your retail business today! 

RPC - Preview, Monday 15th May, 4.00pm - 5.00pm, SRA Training Room 2

The Retail Productivity Consultant Training Programme (RPC) is a new programme, identified by the Industry Task Force as a key component of the Retail Industry Transformation Map, to develop productivity champions within each retailer.

 Designed for retail practitioners and professionals who are keen to deepen their capability to lead and manage productivity improvements in their retail organization.

 This programme builds on the foundation of four successful runs of the Certified Productivity Consultant (CPC) Training Programme with a total of 90 graduates since 2013 The RPC is supported by SPRING Singapore aims to train and equip participants with the competencies to support and facilitate the productivity upgrading efforts of companies in the retail sector. Participants who successfully complete the programme will be jointly certified by the Singapore Productivity Centre and Japan Productivity Centre (JPC).

 At the end of this Programme, the participants will be able to:

•         Review and diagnose the company’s business model

•         Diagnose the company’s performance and usage of technologies

•         Perform analysis of the company’s critical factor for success

•         Provide solutions using appropriate tools and techniques

•         Sustain the company’s productivity performance (productivity level and growth rate).

The programme preview is free to attend for all SRA Members.

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 Do not miss out on this key programme, which enjoys 50% funding from SPRING Singapore.

 We urge all members to attend, and to develop a productivity champion within your business.

 Seats are limited so be sure to register your representative today.


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