SRA COVID-19 Updates - Safe Entry check-in with TraceTogether Token/app

Dear SRA Members,
1.    Providing an update on the latest SafeEntry (SE) requirement. 
Effective at later stage
2.       As shared in the recent announcement, the government will be progressively rolling out TraceTogether-only SE (TT-only SE) to various public venues. Please see paragraph 11 as shown in the attached MOH news highlight. This requirement will be applicable for all SE-mandated venues, such as shopping malls, F&B dine-in, supermarkets and beauty services etc. Please refer to the user guide here, section 5.1 on how to enable TT-only SE. 
While we encourage SE-mandated venues to prepare for this by getting yourself familiar with the process and to print out the new QR poster, please do not enable the TT-only SE function now, as it would disable the other existing SE check-in modes that are currently being used (as shown in page 85). When this is effective, your customers will carry out TT-only SE via either the TT-token or the TT-app on their mobile phone. 
Immediate Action
3.       To better prepare for this TT-only SE and a wider adoption of the TT-token for this transition, all the SE-mandated establishments are to get ready and to enable SE-check in via TT-token immediately and not to turn away anyone turning up with a TT-token. SE check-in with TT-token is done via scanning the QR code on the TT-token (see attached), which is similar to how you scan the NRIC/ FIN for SE check in now. This can be done using:
  1. Scanners linked to laptop which can scan QR codes (2D scanners) to scan the TT-token QR code; or
  2. The app on mobile phone/PDA to scan the TT-token QR code. 
This means that SE-mandated establishments that only allow for QR code scanning today would need to put in place either (a) or (b) above. 
4.       ESG and STB will be arranging briefing sessions to share the above and address any queries you might have. Details on the briefing session will be shared separately. In the meantime, please assist to also communicate this to your tenants (if relevant) so that the SE-mandated establishments will be aware and put in place the necessary equipment to enable TT-token now. 
Best Regards,
SRA Secretariat
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