Driving Changes Via E-Learning

Singapore Retailers Association partnership with Upskill People Asia will provide innovative, digital training solutions to our members and enhance training strategies by developing staff in a more effective and measurable way. 

To advance the interests of the retail industry via education, training for the retail workforce is now made fun and interactive, via a strategic collaboration with UpSkill People Asia.

Our E-Learning Courses



Scenario Based Assessment


Benefits for your organization

  • Always accessible to your entire workforce
  • Complete visibility of training across your organization
  • Consistency is ensured
  • Measurable and easy to get instant feedback
  • Complements peer to peer and classroom training

Benefits for your learners

  • Learn at your own pace and in your own time
  • Be productive from day 1, with immediate access to online courses
  • Be motivated to achieve more
  • Access course materials at any time online

Over 100 courses to choose from. Sign up for SRA's e-learning programme with fees starting from just $14 per employee!

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Posted Date:  24 Oct 2018