About Us

Singapore Retailers Association is the thought leader and apex body representing the retail and shopping centre industry, providing members with invaluable resources for continued business success.

At SRA we seek to:

  • Enhance the well-being and profitability of SRA Members and the retail sector
  • Facilitate the creation and maintenance of a shoppers' paradise
  • Ensure Members remain competitive via informative conference and seminars
  • Assist Members with business development and regionalisation strategies
  • Facilitate overseas trade links and business partnerships
  • Work closely with government, ministries & other authorities in national retail related projects.
  • Negotiate attractive rates for Members on useful services.
  • Provide training for retail staff
  • Develop and promote retail as an attractive career
  • Organise Singapore's annual GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!
  • Provide research and statistical analyses for members to benchmark performance.
  • Offer the latest information via our newsletters


The SRA was founded in 1977, originally as the Singapore Retail Merchants Association by 10 leading retailers, with the following objectives:

  • To improve the business standards, professionalism and productivity of retailers.
  • To present retailers' interests and views to the various government authorities.
  • To foster good relations among retailers, and between retailers and those who work with them.
  • To be a listening post for news that is of interest to retailers.
  • To support all members, whether big or small, whatever their line of retailing.


Over the years, membership has grown, together with the influence of the Association. The quality and quantity of the services the Association offers its members have also grown dramatically. The following are just some of the benefits your company will enjoy as a member of the SRA:

  • Continual updates on retail trends and government policies via SRA's newsletters, bulletins and circulars.
  • Information on the latest tips to further your business and increase turnover.
  • Networking opportunities with retailers through various events.
  • Information on retail-related events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Discounted rates to SRA's conferences and seminars that will update you on current issues.
  • Substantial discounts on all training courses at the SRA Institute For Retailing.
  • Training grants of up to $4,000 for the finalists and winners of the 'Manager of the Year' and 'Young Executive of the Year' at the annual SRA Retail Awards.
  • Discounted rates on Direct Mailing.
  • Discounted rates on classroom rental