Global Ready Talent (GRT) Company Profiling

With the support of both retailers and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), SRA is pleased to share the successful local internship placements of more than 250 students with our retailers since the launch of the Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme on 1 April 2019. We are delighted to see both retailers and our future talents benefited from the GRT programme. SRA will continue to work closely with our industry partners to create a vibrant workplace learning opportunity for the students to gain insights and experience working in the retail industry. 

Some of our good SG enterprises who have successfully embarked on GRT programme: 

All Would Envy Pte Ltd

All Would Envy is a local womenswear brand that aims to dress every stylish lady for every occasion. Starting as an online label in 2013, All Would Envy has since opened its first brick and mortar store in 2019 at the new Funan mall. The company believes that people make the brand, and constant training and development is essential to making the brand relevant and competitive. Click here to read more!



Established in 2009 with a vision to make everyday living more comfortable yet stylish, Atomi specialises in curating products from all over Japan. Atomi strongly believes in investing and grooming young talents by hiring and offering internship opportunities to student of all discipline. The company ensures all hires and interns rotate through different functions such as sales, marketing and operations so that they can learn through OJT training. Click here to read more!



Autium is a jewellery company that has evolved from precious metals inventions, watch making and production of jewellery alloys to various watch, jewellery and electronics companies globally. Most recently won a Design Singapore Award for Jewellery collaboration of design on the theme of “COSMIC ONE- NESS” They offer customers an intimate experience in jewellery making and participation, with a myriad materials and gemstones, such as Platinum & colours of gold to create custom pieces with their customers with a their own story, their way.  Autium believes in growth of an individual and that the new age management is about each person (molecule) having its own characteristics, mixing and melding into an alchemical masterpiece.  Click here to read more!



BloomBack is a social enterprise that offers eco-friendly and high quality floral gifts lovingly handcrafted by marginalised individuals. BloomBack believes in inclusivity, hence employees of all ages and experience levels, be it an elderly floral artisan or an undergraduate, are given training and development opportunities to gain diverse skills. Click here to read more!


Eight Flags Computer Systems & Supplies Pte Ltd

Eight Flags Computer Systems & Supplies Pte Ltd is an IT hardware and software reseller that has been and still striving over 26 years to be a one stop solution center for NTU and NIE universities’ staff and students. The company operating in fast paced industry, whereby IT is always evolving. They are constantly looking out for interns who are adaptive to new skills. Click here to read more!


Eureka Snacks SG Pte Ltd

Eureka Snacks SG Pte Ltd is a leading snack retailer in Asia. The products marketed include myEureka gourmet popcorn, that is found in major shopping malls across Singapore, supermarkets, hotels and airlines. The company believes in investing in people, and the operations centred around 3S - Staff, Stock and Sales. Staff comes first, and good staff will ensure there is enough stock to make more sales for the company. Click here to read more!


Godsome Pte Ltd

Godsome Pte Ltd is a franchisee of, located at Plaza Singapura. The company believes in lifelong learning for their staff and OJT is one of the most effective way of training in their industry. Click here to read more!


Green Poppies

Green Poppies is a local fashion jewellery brand specialising in semi-precious gemstones styles. Established since 2009, its design studio caters for customised jewellery designs for their customers. Students who interned at the company felt that they have gained insights and knowledge in the fashion industry.  Click here to read more!


Jay Gee Group

Jay Gee Group represents and markets some of the leading international names in lifestyle and apparel, catering to adults, young and children alike, and include brands like Levi’s®, Dockers®, dENiZEN™, T.M.Lewin, adidas® Kids, carter’s®, Converse Kids, Jordan, Levi’s® Kids, New Balance Kids, Nike Young Athletes, OshKosh B’Gosh®, Timberland Kids, Hurley Kids & Puma Kids, Holland & Barrett and Pure & Well. PEOPLE is one of the important assets to the company and they focus on training and developing their employees to be the future leaders. Click here to read more!



Luxasia Group is the leading Omnichannel partner for luxury beauty and lifestyle brands to reach Asia Pacific consumers. The company believes in grooming fresh talents and foster an environment for regional collaboration and cross-sharing, where ideas are exchanged, and expertise sharpen. Click here to read more!


Montreal Pte Ltd (ALDO)

Montreal Pte Ltd is a retailer for the leading international fashion footwear and accessories brand, ALDO.  The company grooms young and fresh talents by providing hands on working experience and learning opportunities for them to grow. Click here to read more!



Founded in 2004, Norbreeze Group distributes, markets and builds international accessible luxury brands that share a similar design philosophy of timeless allure and consistent pursuit of functionalism and quality. At Norbreeze Group, the company recognises the importance and benefits of effective training and development. Employees are trained to be well equipped, warm-bodied innovative thinkers and contributors who go above and beyond what is required of them. Click here to read more!



Omnidesk™ was founded with a free-spirited and an ambitious objective: to offer height adjustable standing desks at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for healthy-lifestyle conscious businesses. Students who interned at the company felt that they had grown a lot during the internship period, exposing them to the real SME working environment and culture and also utilised their creative and innovative thinking. Click here to read more!


One Gallery   

One Gallery designs merchandise to evoke sentiments of travelers when they take a piece of Singapore with them. The company incorporates all aspects of Singapore art and culture: Food, Architecture, Language, Quotes. Interns enjoyed their internship at One Gallery as their ideas, inspiration, creativity and designs are turned into merchandise, leaving a footprint in the world market place. Click here to read more!


Poh Heng Jewellery Pte Ltd 

Poh Heng Jewellery is a well-known jewellery chain store in Singapore and has seen generations of customers and employees grow with her through 72 years of business. The company believes that the only way to enable sustainability in this industry is through their unified efforts on challenging the status quo and emphasis on developing available talent into inspirations for the following generations to come. Click here to read more!


Saturday Club

SaturdayClub started in 2012 with the intention of dressing young people who are engaged with their culture and the environment, creates a casual yet cosmopolitan style. The company believes strongly in injecting young talent into their company, as they offer a fresh perspective about the latest happenings around the world. Click here to read more!


ShinnPark Pte Ltd

ShinnPark Pte Ltd is an independent Singapore-based distribution company, specialising in retail and design since 2008. The company carries unique brands from UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Germany and has just opened their flagship retail space called Miss Hosay, in Jewel Changi, featuring the world's biggest indoor waterfall. Interns who are stationed in their office and retail space get to learn from the start to the end of the last part of the sales transaction. Click here to read more!


The Balance Co

The Balance Co. sells modern ergonomic shoes that promote good posture. Our shoes are designed to promote good posture and a natural spine alignment with a stable arch support and acupressure massage points so that you can walk for the whole day without having any pain. Working in the company, every intern has a dedicated mentor who will take care of the intern's personal wellbeing at work and tracks his/her career development progress. Every intern is given the option to choose from a variety of job scope based on his/her own interest, passion and potential.  Click here to read more!


The Eyecare Initiative Optical Pte Ltd is a primary eye care centre where we help our patients with eye health exams for conditions such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, etc. They prescribe prescriptive appliances such as contact lens, spectacles and specialty lens such as Ortho K and specialise in multi-focal lens fit and children myopia management.  The company has a thorough on-boarding period of 1 month to let their talents assimilate into the culture and the expectations of quality service which we want our clients to experience. The company believes that talent development is highly necessary in an SME as it will help retain the talent and also align the vision and the goals of the employee to the company's. Click here to read more!



X-Boundaries is a dedicated one-stop travel store. The company has an in-house training plan developed based on hands-on experience and an open door policy for interns. Click here to read more!



AEROV Optometrist provides services that focus on children and fully customized orthokeratology treatment. The company aims to ensure their interns to be competent and proficient in optometric skills and operation by end of internship. Interns are involved in shop operations and manage retail shop sales services.


 Aemperial Group (formerly known as Afters Bakery Pte Ltd)

Aemperial Group is an umbrella company of bakeries. Their bakery brands range from high end luxury bespoke cakes to affordable commercial cakes.  As a small start-up, the company believes in training versatile individuals that can work well independently and also together as a team.


Buddings Pte Ltd

Buddings is a children's toys and books company offering well-researched play products that help parents create a more intentional and deeper relationship with their kids. The company believes in working closely with students and sharing our thought process behind many of the business decisions in order for them to learn.


Commune Pte Ltd

Commune is a global lifestyle furniture retailer, with close to a decade of experience, with its roots starting in Singapore. They aim to make luxury, designer furniture accessible. Commune is committed to constantly developing our staff as well as new hires; we have set in place an extensive appraisal, reviews and reward system that we not only retain the right talent but nurture them. 

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