Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme

Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) aims to build a pipeline of global-ready talent for Singapore enterprises through exposing more Singaporeans to internships and overseas work opportunities. 

Singapore enterprises offering student internships or management associate programmes are eligible for up to 70% funding support on qualifying costs. 

As the Approved-in-Principle (AIP) partner by Enterprise Singapore, SRA serves as your main point of contact for GRT-related matters in the retail sector. SRA will evaluate and qualify promising Singapore enterprises to come on-board the programme. 

SRA and NUS co-organised a webinar on 20 Jan 2021 to share the overview of NUS internship programmes, internship periods and application timelines, how you could recruit future-ready talent for your organisation through NUS career services and how Singapore enterprises could leverage Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme to groom local and global talent pipeline. 

Missed our live webinar? The slides are available for download here. 

About NUS Business School - Presented by Julynn Liang 

About NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates - Presented by Carine Ngai

About SRA Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme - Presented by SRA





GRT programme comprises of three key components:

(i) Local Internships, formerly known as SME Talent Programme (STP)

Internship opportunities in Singapore with a Singapore enterprise

ii) Overseas Internships 

Internship opportunities with Singapore enterprises in their overseas markets, with focus on Southeast Asia, China and India. 

Hybrid Internships (Local + Overseas Internships)

Internship opportunities with Singapore enterprises, where enterprises have the flexibility of providing internship opportunities in Singapore and in their overseas markets for the entire internship duration. 

(iii) Management Associate Programme 

Support for Singapore enterprises to train and invest in overseas work exposure for young Singaporeans to deepen in-market knowledge. The programme will focus on overseas work placements in Southeast Asia, China and India.

With the support of both retailers and Institute of Higher Learning (IHLs), SRA is pleased to share the successful local internship placements of more than 350 students with our Retailers since the launch of the Global Ready Talent (GRT) Programme on 1 April 2019. We are delighted to see both retailers and our future talents benefited the programme. SRA will continue to work closely with our partners to create a vibrant workplace learning opportunity for the students to gain insights and experience working in the retail industry.

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