Achievement in Customer Experience Plus (ACE+)

Takes Omni-Channel Mystery Shopping To The Next Level


Real-Time Technology

AI Enhanced Analytics

Experienced Expert Auditors 


Because profitability and delivering a great experience are important to your organization, SRA is proud to introduce you to the finest mystery shopping analytics solution possible.

Outstanding organizations know creating excellent customer experiences drive brand intimacy, loyalty, advocacy, and leads to higher revenue. No progressive organization can afford to leave any gap unattended between the standard of service their customers desire and their actual delivery.

The experience economy demands improvements. So, we have taken great pride in providing you with the most advanced real-time mystery shopping analytics technology platform. It's transparency along with live check-ins, videos, voice and receipt authentication options, has become the go-to choice for organizations who desire a legitimate and transparent mystery shopping experience. It's AI enhanced analytics makes sense of hard to analyze qualitative data in real-time and deliver AI Reports on the fly, reducing human error and delivering value beyond human capabilities.

Our experienced expert auditors are handpicked consummate professionals with deep industry knowledge and a fine eye for details. They have the sophistication to differentiate between your philosophy of service versus others who make up your industry and audit you accordingly.


5 Omni-Channel Expert Audits

Get a 360 Degree Expert Audit across 5 channels to make sense of the full picture from every angle possible. 

  1. 2 In-Store Audits per outlet/store
  2. Website Audits
  3. Social Media Audits
  4. Email Audits
  5. Phone Audits


Assessment Periods 

There are 2 assessment periods per year, with each assessment period spanning a duration of 3 months

  • October to December
  • January to March


12 Benchmarked Categories

Benchmark yourself within your industry segment. See where you stand. Know what you’re leading the industry in and where you can afford to make improvements that matter. Then implement interventions and see where and how you have improved in the next cycle. It’s a great way to get into a cycle of year-long improvements and be recognized through awards at SRA Retail Awards.

 Below are the key categories listed within the SRA ACE+ programme:

  • Beauty & Wellness (BW) 
  • Department Stores (DS)
  • Electrical & Electronics (EE)
  • Fashion & Accessories (FA)
  • Food Retail (FB)
  • Furniture & Furnishings (FF)
  • Luxury Fashion & Accessories (LFA) 
  • Luxury Watches & Accessories (LWA)
  • Specialty Stores (SS)
  • Telecommunications (TEL)
  • Watches & Jewellery (WJ)
  • Concierge & Help Desks (CHD)


Scope of Assessment 

Our expert auditors will pay acute attention and provide you with objective insights as to your Before, During & After experiences.

After being selected, trained, tested & certified, our Expert Mystery Shopping Auditors will be deployed to your various channels and physically check-in to authenticate their presence. They will then proceed to put themselves in your customer's shoes and engage your organization towards providing you with an objective assessment of your:  

  • People Experience 
  • Products & Services Experience
  • Processes, Procedures and Policies Experience
  • Physical & Digital Places Experience
  • Philosophical Experience

This will include but won’t just be limited to staff acknowledgment, welcome, introductions, smiles, grooming, demeanor, openness, attention levels, choice of products and services all the way to completing the service experience. 


Key Takeaways

  1. Benchmarks on how you are performing against yourself, your category and the industry.
  2. Predictive analytics on what’s working, what’s not working and what’s next.
  3. The benefit of AI Consensus Engine which will show you the consensus in qualitative data along with sentiment analysis, entity clouds, dimensional classifications, and cluster analysis.
  4. An industry overview as well as suggestions on other interventions you need to implement to ensure your customer experience improves and translated directly into higher profitability.
  5. Awards to recognize your efforts and showcase yourself as a high-quality organizations that customers can trust.


Participation Fees

The SRA ACE+ Programme retailer's participation fees per assessment period listed below. All participating companies are required to subscribe at least 2 consecutive cycles: 

Outlets Number of
outlet being audited
Charges per cycle
(SRA Member)
Charges per cycle
(Non - SRA Member)
1 all $1,690 $2,090 0
2 all $1,950 $2,350 0
3 all $2,210 $2,610 0
4 all $2,470 $2,870 0
5 all $2,730 $3,130 0
6 all $2,990 $3,390 1
7 all $3,250 $3,650 1
8 all $3,510 $3,910 1
9 all $3,770 $4,170 1
10 all $4,030 $4,430 1
11 all $4,290 $4,690 2
12 all $4,550 $4,950 2
13 all $4,810 $5,210 2
14 all $5,070 $5,470 2
15 all $5,330 $5,730 2
16 all $5,590 $5,990 2
17 all $5,850 $6,250 2
18 all $6,110 $6,510 2
19 all $6,370 $6,770 2
20 all $6,630 $7,030 2
21 all $6,890 $7,290 3
22 and above all $260
per additional outlet
per additional outlet



Companies participating in both cycles will stand a chance to be publicly recognized for their achievement in Customer Excellence Plus (ACE+) in the following 3 ways.

  • Platinum Award - Annual Award Best Performer Across Categories For 2 Cycles

  • Gold Award - Winner Per Category For 2 Cycles

  • Spirit Of Excellence Award - Recognition For Continuous Service Excellence


For more information, please contact Ms Elise Lee

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